Dedication to Steve Triolo

Steve and Korine Triolo

“The Global Cat” is dedicated to the memory of Steven Triolo – an enthusiastic lover of felines and the outstanding Associate Editor of Cat Fancy (now Catster) magazine.

Steve and I met in 2003 when I was hired on to be Assistant Editor of the magazine, and one of his duties was to help familiarize me with the ins and outs of putting together each issue of Cat Fancy. One notable way in which he helped me was to guide me in the making of the monthly cat show calendars, which eventually proved to be the inspiration for the creation of “The Global Cat.” If it hadn’t been for Steve’s knowledge of the cat fancy community, this site would simply not exist.

While Steve helped me learn the ropes at Cat Fancy, I quickly came to appreciate his ironic sense of humor, his incisive ideas, and his quiet but open nature. Most mornings before work began we held impromptu meetings that at first we used to help plan that day’s editorial activities, but over time they ranged over other topics as well. In one such discussion we gave semi-serious thought to the feasibility of domesticating anteaters so that they could replace the use of insecticides around the house. Once we realized that most anteaters could escape backyards by climbing trees, or that they could burrow their way under backyard walls, we decided to rethink our idea. Steve also introduced me to the British term for cats – “moggies” – and to the surprising relationship between Anglo-American rock stars and their felines. (His interest in that relationship became the basis for a feature article in Cat Fancy that gave him the opportunity to interview various rock legends about their furry wards.)

After I left Cat Fancy and returned to Washington state, I gradually fell out of contact with Steve, though not before my wife and I had a memorable dinner with him and his wife Korine in Laguna Beach. I regret that I did not do more to try to maintain contact with him, and it therefore came as a shock when I learned recently that he had passed away.

Steve was much more than a congenial and unassuming colleague. He was a man with a keen eye for friendship, whose editorial acumen was second to none, and a man whose easygoing nature brought out the best in everyone who knew him.

I will always miss him.