Proofreading and Editing Samples

“Contact Sources” for September 1991 issue, Entrepreneur magazine

As a copy assistant for Entrepreneur Media, I compiled the “Contact Sources” page for Entrepreneur, which entailed contacting by phone all sources mentioned in each issue’s articles and verifying the correct spelling of their names, their businesses, and their addresses and phone numbers. All of this information was then proofread by myself and the rest of the editorial staff before final publication.

“Be a Post Master” for August 1991 issue, New Business Opportunities magazine

While still working as a copy assistant, I was asked by the managing editors to re-interview one of the sources used by the author to rewrite and add upon the information concerning the postal options available to business owners. Following publication of the article with my additions and revisions, I received a promotion to become copy editor of New Business Opportunities.

Copy editing sample for June 1992 issue, New Business Opportunities magazine

“Cat Calendar” for April 2003 issue, Cat Fancy magazine

Compilation of each issue’s Cat Calendar was one of my main duties as assistant editor. To create the calendar, I visited the Web sites of American and Canadian cat registries and associations to gather cat show information, typeset and formatted the information using the Associated Press style, and then fact-checked the information in each listing before the calendar was published. Since leaving Cat Fancy, I have continued to publish an online cat show calendar on my own Web site, using information gleaned from feline associations in North America, Europe, Russia, Asia, and Australasia.

Editorial sample for April 2003 issue, Cat Fancy magazine

In addition to proofreading this particular article, I composed the opening slugline that introduced the article to readers.

Editorial sample for August 2003 issue, Cat Fancy magazine

The following article is an example of the kind of material that I proofed and copy edited while working as an assistant editor at Cat Fancy.